Airline Industry

This twenty-four-page paper addresses the changing trends as well as the recent status of the airline industry in the new century. The paper will begin with a brief introduction on how big the airline industry is financially, the important financial booms and crashes in the airline industry and the reasons for as well as the effects of the same.

Furthermore, a brief background of the airline industry in the late 1990's will be included in the introductory part of the paper. The next part of the paper will discuss all the factors responsible for effecting the airline industry of late 1990's to 2002 including the events that brought a drastic financial crash to the airline companies and the alternatives.

Our paper will further look into research on the airline industry based on the company data of British Airways, American Airlines, Delta and Air France. In addition to the above we will also discuss the future of the airline industry based on the research done by some of the experts in the related field. Our marketing section will discuss the significance of marketing strategies of the overall industry. Furthermore, the marketing strategies that can be used for favorable outcomes. Moreover, the paper will look into the future direction of the companies under consideration as well as of the entire airline industry.